How much do you know Rick and morty

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Can can beat the quiz can you master the Rick and Marty ways let's find out shall we step through the portal and get ready to kill gazorpiens and the

Interval tic government remember if ur smart get a north to block out your brain waves I've got one in front of me now lol he just died lets get a new one

Created by: James

  1. In episode 1 season 1 why did Rick want to blow up earth
  2. What does wubaluba dub dub mean
  3. Who does morty like
  4. How many season has there been
  5. What is ricks best friends names
  6. Who is the creator of Rick and Morty
  7. What is Rick wanted by
  8. Who is morty nearly violated by in the candy tavern
  9. What dimension is Rick and Marty drom
  10. What did Rick say at the season 2 finale when talking to the prisoner
  11. Did u like seson 2 finale

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Rick and morty