How Much do You Know Minor/Major Scales?

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Many people know how to read music, and many times they do stuff on a specific subject in that field. This is one for those type of people. What is that subject?

The subject is Minor and Major Scales. Here's how to find out if you're an expert on the subject, or if you're just ho-hum. But that doesn't even matter, because this test will tell you once you try to guess it.

Created by: Adam

  1. What is the note for the third sharp in E Major?
  2. Is there a C-Flat Major?
  3. How do you change a major chord into a minor chord?
  4. What is the relative Minor of C Major?
  5. How is a Major scale usually described as?
  6. How is a Minor Scale usually described as?
  7. Does a time signature affect a scale?
  8. Where can you most likely find what scale the piece is in?
  9. What is the seventh flat in Cb Major?
  10. When will you know everything that there is to know about Minor and Major Scales?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know Minor/Major Scales?