how much do you know me?

hehe this should be hard, take this quiz!!! thhis should be the hardest one yet because these might be simple quesrtions but i have not told many people about me

i think i forgot a question >.< so hehe i love you!!! no jkjk i am so friggin boredi could friggin chop of my finger for entertainment D::: i once attempted to put my hand in a shredder because of boredom XD

Created by: scolionophobia

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  1. what's my favorite color?
  2. what's my favorite band
  3. how old am i
  4. am i stubborn?
  5. what color is my hair
  6. do i like anyone on gotoquiz?
  7. have i ever made a thread
  8. am i shy
  9. do i have a sister
  10. do i have any brothers?
  11. do i have any enemies on gotoquiz
  12. what is my real name?
  13. am i perv

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Quiz topic: How much do I know me?