Simpsons Quiz (Hard)

The Simpsons Quiz (Super Hard) is the hardest quiz I have ever made, with 15 questions all expert difficulty is sure to prove if you really do know every thing about the Simpsons! The average score is 40 - 50%

Do you know everything about the Simpsons? By taking this quiz will prove if you do CHALLENGE: GET OVER 80% This is the hardest quiz I have ever made!

Created by: Bennett Roberts
  1. What year did Mr. Burns say he was born in?
  2. After the year 2000, what was the first Simpsons episode called?
  3. When was the first Simpsons episode aired?
  4. How many episodes were in Season 1?
  5. What year was the Simpsons Movie released?
  6. Which of these IS the name of one of the bullies at Springfield Elementary?
  7. How old was Homer in the 18th Season?
  8. What year was Bart born?
  9. When was Matt Groening born?
  10. What is the population of the Land Of Chocolate?
  11. Who ran over Snowball I?
  12. How old is Bart when he finally gets to see the Itchy And Scratchy Movie?
  13. For what did Homer go to a mental institution?
  14. What is Sideshow Bob's middle name?
  15. How old is Ned Flanders meant to be?

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