how much do you know joe jonas

joe jonas really loves it when his fans prove to him that they are a real and true fan. so prove it! take a challenge to find out how much you know joe jonas. and thanks to this quiz you will find out in just a few minutes.

this quiz will test you on all things joe jonas. we will ask questions about his personal life and questions about his life as a rock star. so take the quiz, and take a challenge!

Created by: brianna

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  1. how many brothers does joe jonas have?
  2. what was joe jonas's stage name in the disney channel movie Camp Rock?
  3. what position is joe jonas in the band?
  4. which pop star dated joe jonas in 2008?
  5. what is joe jonas's nickname do to the fact that he falls in stage a lot? =)
  6. does joe jonashave his drivers lisence?
  7. what is joe jonas's birthday?
  8. what is joe jonas's favorite fashion trend?
  9. who is joe jonas's celebrity crush?
  10. do you love joe jonas?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know joe jonas