How much do you know guimea pigs

There are many people on there path to becomong a guinea pig pro, but very few have completed that journey. Are one of those few YOU? Find out in this quiz!

Are you the guinea pig king or queen!? Find out in a brand new quiz, how much do you know guinea pigs? This was ment to be made on quotev, but i couldnt log in to my quotev account

Created by: Leah

  1. What is it called when a baby guimea pig jumps up while stamding still?
  2. What is in a guinea pigs diet?
  3. What kind of guinea pig do you want? This does not affect your answer :3
  5. What is another name for a guinea pig?
  6. Im am running out of questions.
  7. Guinea pigs teeth grow forever
  8. What is your favorite outfit? (Pretend >its in guinea pig size for your guinea pig. Does not effect answer
  9. Let fate choose
  10. Lolololollolollolollolololololloklollloklooooolllllllloooliknhiooklllllkklkkkolollllllllooooooooooolloollkollolollolololololololoolollkooklolllo

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Quiz topic: How much do I know guimea pigs