So You Think You're Ready To Own Guinea Pigs?

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So you think you're ready to own guinea pigs? Let's put your skills to the test! It's better to be ready than be stuck and puzzled once you get your guinea pigs.

So take this quiz! Learn the truth about if your ready to get guinea pigs! Don't worry if you get a bad score! You tried! It's best to learn about this animals as much as you can!

Created by: Tri3123 of Trisha's Guinea Pig Adventures: My Blog
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  1. What is a guinea pig?
  2. Do guinea pigs have tails?
  3. What should you feed a guinea pig?
  4. How many guinea pigs should you get?
  5. What cage should you get?
  6. What brand of bedding should you get?
  7. What pellets should you get?
  8. What hay should you get?
  9. What treats should you get for your guinea pigs?
  10. Which of the following is true?
  11. How old should you at least be to get guinea pigs?
  12. Which of the following is a TRUE definition of a the guinea pig sound "wheeking?"
  13. Do you need a place, other than your guinea pig's cage, for your guinea pig to run around?
  14. What type of vet does your guinea pig need?
  15. True or False: Guinea pigs are hamsters
  16. How long do guinea pigs live (on average)?

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