How much do you know Easy Rider?

If you have seen the genius that is Easy Rider you will want to take this quiz. Easy Rider was the most influencial film in the sixties. If you havn't seen it, go now!

Are you an Easy Rider fan. Do you have the knowhow to become a 100% Easy Rider. In this great quiz you can find out how much you like this amazing film

Created by: Bob
  1. Who directed Easy Rider?
  2. Who produced Easy Rider?
  3. What year was Easy Rider released?
  4. What is the name of Jack Nichleson's character?
  5. What is Nichleson's character addicted to?
  6. What song is Easy Rider most associated with?
  7. What was Hopper's character called?
  8. What did Hopper and Fonda's characters sell to make money at the beginning of the film?
  9. What was unusual about Easy Rider?
  10. How do the main characters die?
  11. Which new wave was Easy Rider a part of?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Easy Rider?