How much do you know Batman: Arkham Origins

What are you in the Arkham Origins Universe?? Are you a newbie, intermediate or a professional? Take this quiz and you shall see if you have good or bad knowledge about the Arkham Origins Universe....

Are you an expert Batman fan?!!?! Take this quiz to find out!! Play Batman: Arkham Origins to get some experience for this quiz! (I recommend not doing this quiz if you have not played the game because it has some minor spoilers!)

Created by: khanage

  1. How many assassins are there hired to kill Batman?
  2. Is Black Mask in the game?
  3. Did Rocksteady have any involvement in the game?
  4. Did Kevin Conroy voice Batman and did Mark Hamill voice The Joker
  5. Does Deathstroke battle you with two weapons, or with 3?
  6. Does this game have anything to do with Arkham City or Arkham Asylum?
  7. What is Batman: Arkham Origin's IGN score?
  8. Is Doctor Penelope Young in this game? (Penelope Young is from Batman: Arkham Asylum)
  9. What does Penelope Young have to do with the game's story in any way possible?
  10. Where does the game start of at?
  11. Which of these villans aren't one of the assassins?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Batman: Arkham Origins