How Much Do You Know Anout Horses?

You up to the ten question grueling (not really!) challenge? Will you surpass the false assumptions and detect what's right and what's not? Or will you fall into the trap of deception I have laid carefully out for you?

Are you really a "Horse Whisperer?" Do you really know all that about the equine species? Well come on, what are you waiting for? Step right up ladies and gentleman, test you knowledge of horses, ponies and honkies!

Created by: Meg

  1. Is there any such thing as an Icelandic Pony?
  2. A Pinto is a breed of horse, as well as an Palomino
  3. A baby horse is called a filly.
  4. A Welsh Mountain Cob is a breed of horse
  5. When you pick a horses hoof, you have to completely avoid the frog. Otherwise it will hurt them.
  6. When your jumping, you have to two-point over the jump and give the horse a crest-release.
  7. Mares can never be fixed.
  8. Horses age like humans, a 16 year old horse is a teenager, watch out!
  9. Horses can live for up to 50 years, sometimes longer.
  10. Donkeys protect livestock from coyotes.

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know Anout Horses?