How Much Do You Know About Today's Music?

Many people think they know today's music really well. But, how can you be so sure of that. My quiz is here to tell you if what you're thinking is right or wrong.

Let's see you're answer... btw- Please visit my other quizzes, "How well do you know 2 Broke Girls," "7 Minutes in Heaven," and "How Hot Are You!" Thanks so much, have fun!

Created by: Lacie
  1. Who sings "Call Me Maybe?"
  2. Who sings "Rumor Has It?"
  3. Who sings "It Will Rain?"
  4. Who sings "Love You Like a Love Song?"
  5. Who sings "If I Die Young?"
  6. Who sings "Circus?"
  7. Who sings "What Doesn't Kill You Make You (Stronger)?"
  8. Who sings "Boyfriend?"
  9. Who sings "You belong With Me?"
  10. Who sings "On The Floor?"

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Today's Music?