How much do you know about things that wont get you anywhere in l

Some people (like me) know random things about random things. I know movies and music, and i must say that i can beat probably anyone at trivial pursuit. See if you hold the key to the same randomness and leave a comment saying what your score is :)

Do you know randomness about random things? See if you know my type of randomness. Not many people my age do. Rate and comment when you're done please :)

Created by: Britt
  1. What was Joan Crawford's nickname as a kid?
  2. How many times was Marilyn Monroe married?
  3. What is Kathy Bates' middle name?
  4. Which Golden Girl didnt like cheesecake in real life?
  5. On Dynasty, who did Alexis not marry?
  6. In the book Misery when was Annie Wilkes' birthday?
  7. What is Barbara Stanwyck's real first name?
  8. What was the first 'talkie'?
  9. Which of the following were never in a movie together?
  10. Who was on the first episode of Johnny Carson?
  11. Which is not a name of a Heart album?
  12. What is Billy Idol's real name?
  13. Comment? Rate?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about things that wont get you anywhere in l