How much do you know about the Koopalings

Do you THINK you know a lot about the koopalings? I'll put THAT to the test, but remember, its not about the winning, It is about the taking part :) :)

If you enjoy please rate and try my other quizes and if you do well... I might make a part 2, please use your time to see if you know more than me and my research >:D

Created by: Sucidobunny585

  1. Which Koopaling is the oldest?
  2. Which game introduced the Koopalings?
  3. Which Non-Koopaling spoiled the game? (Even if he/she/it has the most awesome boss fights EVER) In my opinion he/she/it isn't a real Koopaling, just my opinion.
  4. Which Koopaling uses a circus ball in His/Her boss battle tactics
  5. Finish the Koopaling name: Wendy
  6. The Koopalings were named after musiscians, one of them was named after ________ Van Beethoven
  7. Which Koopaling rules over Skyland in Super Mario Bros. 3
  8. Which Koopaling is the smallest?
  9. Which Koopaling is the 2nd oldest?
  10. Which 2 Koopalings are twins in "The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros. 3?"

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the Koopalings