How much do you know about Splatoon?

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Hi, I like milk and I don't need to write about my life story or something. This is not an auto-biography. Do not read this unless you really want to.

Why do I have to write 150 characters in this stupid box? I don't know why I need to type a bunch of words and make my hands tired. Why do you give me such torture?!

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  1. Can you play as an octoling?
  2. Which one is Marie
  3. Which one is Callie
  4. How many hair options are there in the first game?
  5. Can you play as a girl? (as of 2nd game)
  6. How often does news happen in the first game?
  7. Second game?
  8. How many idols are there in total, as of Splatoon 2?
  9. Does the pink-colored idol speak first or second? (as of the 2nd game)
  10. Finally, can you chat with others (as of Splatoon 2)?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Splatoon?