How Much Do You Know About Sophia Lucia

There are many smart people, but few true geniuses. But remember love who you are. What is a genius? A genius is an exceptionally smart person with a,aging knowledge. They also have the ability to see the world differently.

Are YOU a genius? If you are... Prove it with my quiz. Only a very special person may be able to get the 100%. But thanks to this quiz you will find out shortly if you are a true genius.

Created by: solufanpage

  1. What is Sophia Lucia's middle name?
  2. Who owns the San Diego Dance Centre
  3. When's Sophia's birthday?
  4. What shows has Sophia been on?
  5. What commercials has Sophia been on?
  6. What did FOX News call Sophia?
  7. What's Jackie Lucia's Instagram?
  8. What is Vinny's real Insatgram?
  9. How many dance wear lines has sophia made and modeled?
  10. When did Sophia break the world record for 55 pirouettes?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Sophia Lucia