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  1. A whopping 31% of us Americans are obese! If you heap on the other 33.5 % of us who are merely "pleasantly plump", that number expands to an enormous 64.5% of us who have excess poundage! What exactly is considered to be obese? The American Medical Association (AMA) defines obesity as being what percent over your ideal body weight?
  2. Basically, a person becomes overweight or obese by taking in more calories than expending. The AMA has identified other contributing factor(s) of obesity. Which of these are contributing factors?
  3. The AMA has also identified serious side effects of obesity. Obesity often carries a very steep price and can cause a host of health problems. Which of these is NOT a health hazard caused by obesity?
  4. Treatment of obesity, first and foremost, is dependent on the desire of the patient to lose excess weight. In most cases, treatment does NOT ordinarily involve which of the following?
  5. Nutritionally, you cannot, nor should not, eliminate fat from your diet. However you should not exceed reasonable amounts of fat. Let's say you are on a reasonable 2000 calorie/day diet. In that case, the FDA has a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of 65 grams of fat. Say, for example,you have half a dozen soccer kids in the back of your SUV and they all want to stop at the Golden Arches for a snack. Of course you have that Big Mac attack as well! You drive through and order the Big Mac Meal including large fries. At least how many grams of fat are contained in the fries and hamburger combined?
  6. Do your remember having to join the "Clean Your Plate" club at home? Or perhaps did your mother admonish you against wasting food because there were thousands of children starving in third world countries? Which of these best describes how you should feel when need to stop eating at a given meal?
  7. Which of these can be considered good eating habits?
  8. The National Weight Control Registry, among other things, studies the general habits of people who have taken off significant weight and kept it off. Of course exercise and portion control are two things that consistently appear among successful weight-watchers. One concept of portion control is "energy density", that is, the calorie content of a given portion of food. The key here is to consume more foods that are low in energy density. As the cereal slogan goes, they "will fill you up, but not fill you out." Which of these is a high "energy density" food, and should be avoided?
  9. Exercise is a key to successful weight loss or weight maintenance. The AMA recommends a daily exercise program that could include biking, walking briskly, raking leaves, playing with children actively, and jogging. What total amount of time does the AMA recommend spending each day exercising (accumulated total per day)?
  10. True or false? It is more important to watch your total calorie intake than total fat intake.

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