How well do you know your commercials?

Since commercials pay for the TV shows you watch, let's see if you are stealing the TV you watch by not watching them? So, take a few minutes and take this quiz, to see just how much you know about commercials.

Do you know your commercials? We'll all find out when you take this quiz on commercials, and we'll see just how much you really know. Don't forget to comment at the end.

Created by: Cory

  1. "All day strong, all day long" What product did this classic slogan describe?
  2. "Good to the last drop" is the slogan for which well known coffee?
  3. Fill in the blank Shoulda had a ________
  4. "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" solicits what product?
  5. What drug commercial compares people to food?
  6. "My Circle" is a possible service for what cellular phone provider?
  7. Fill in the blank ________ _________ Go Meat!
  8. "You've got 30 minutes" is a slogan for what pizza brand?
  9. Fill in the blank Got _____?
  10. "When the moment is right, you'll be ready" advertises what popular ED pill?
  11. "The world may never know" is an old slogan for what candy?
  12. The Gecko and Caveman advertise what car insurance company?
  13. Fill in the blank "Leggo my ______"
  14. What pill is known as "The Purple Pill"?
  15. Final Question: A Good, Clean Feeling, No Matter What" advertises what brand of gum?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my commercials?