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  • Ozark Kevin is correct: Person(s) who wrote the quiz questions know very little about cars if they couldn't even get Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins correct. I may have missed 1 or 2 questions, AT MOST!! The compression ratio question was toughest: Valves are closed on compression stroke, so I said radiator problems (overheating). Having milled, ported and polished head and manifold mating, and added a Crower R&T grind cam, can't say I EVER saw overheating. (They should have asked about "lobe centers!)

  • Whoever selected the "correct" answers for this quiz has probably never been in a car, much less laid a wrench on one.

    The only answers which are properly selected as correct are for questions 1 & 6.

    BTW- I did my first (solo) engine rebuild 53 years ago, at age 11. It was a Studebaker V8 that ran for 175k mi. before the car was totaled in a crash. the engine was still going stron.

  • This quiz must have been made by the same person who assessed your true Texan. It wasn't like I had to guess any of them, known them for decades but got 20% correct? What buffoons.

  • This was off many of answers i know they messed grumpy jenkins...i know cause i saw him race many times .they gave the answer of jack roush, who is very into nascar,not they even know what nhra and nascar are? i had a perfect score....nice try


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