How much do you know about Polandball?

Polandball is a internet meme depicting balls of countries that communicate with them, with a mix of real things and Polandball features. All countries have a countryball, including regionballs, planetballs, caveballs,...

Practice your knowledge about Polandball!! Are yuo a Polandball novice? Or a Polandball expert? I will tell you... with this amazing quiz about important things of Polandball.

Created by: MC67493
  1. What is Polandball?
  2. Who is the protagonist of the meme?
  3. Polandball works as a...
  4. Which group of characters aren't shaped like balls?
  5. What's the dream of Polandball?
  6. SPECIAL: Guess the countryball: "There's no god."
  7. SPECIAL: Guess the countryball: "REMOVE KEBAB!"
  8. SPECIAL: Guess the countryball: "Guten tag."
  9. Following the Reddit's Polandball Tutorial...
  10. LAST QUESTION!! THIS QUESTION HAS 6 POSSIBLE ANSWERS! What reich/country depicts Reichtangle?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Polandball?