How Much Do You Know About Pac-Man?

There are many pepole saying they know Pac-Man but do they really know pac-man??? So yeah needing to make this 150 words. So gtg byeeeeeeee! Cya, and have a good day!

Are you good at pacman? Really find out in this test .-. That face is adorable. Also, be sure to rate, comment, and other stuff. Thanksss! So yeah, enjoy da quiz.

Created by: PeanutButterJellyTime!
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who Created Pac-Man?
  2. How Popular Was Pac-Man?
  3. Is Pac-Man a pixel game?
  4. Does Ghosts Want to eat pac-man?
  5. What Colour Are The Ghosts?
  6. Quick Breath Out.
  7. Can Pac-Man eat ghosts?
  8. Can you go in another level?
  9. HARDEST QUESTION: When was the creator born?
  10. What is the creators age?
  11. Bonus Question: Should i make more?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Pac-Man?