How much do you know about Nico di Angelo?

There are many Nico lovers, but few obsess like I do. Obsessing is,afterall, something very fun. How much do you REALLY know about Nico? You may think you do, but after this quiz, you may be thinking different thoughts.

Do YOU know Nico di Angelo?! Do you think you know just enough to be a GENIUS on him? Before this quiz you may have thought so....but if I were you...I'd hang on a second before jumping to that conclusion.

Created by: Tess Gillett

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  1. When was Nico born?
  2. How many seeds did Nico have to survive on when he was trapped in the jar?
  3. What article of clothing does Nico wear throughout the books?
  4. How did Nico's sister die?
  5. What was Nico's favorite game when he was younger?
  6. What did Nico ask Percy that made Percy want to stuff him in a meat-sack?
  7. What did Frank want to do to Nico when Hazel was poison gas-sprayed?
  8. What secret did Nico reveal to Jason when they were with Cupid?
  9. What was happening to Nico when he repeatedly shadow-traveled in Blood of Olympus?
  10. What does 'di Angelo' mean?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Nico di Angelo?