Do you know Nico di Angelo?

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Nico di Angelo? Even though this quiz doesn't go into the micro details of everything Nico di Angelo related, it will stretch your memory.

You up for the challenge? Click on the quiz to find out how well you truly know about Nico di Angelo, his family and his story in the Pjo/HoO riordanverse!

Created by: Becca771
  1. Who is Nico's half sister?
  2. What is Nico's mother called?
  3. Where did Nico grow up?
  4. Where did Nico find Hazel?
  5. Where did Grover, Thalia, Annabeth and Percy find Nico and Bianca in 'The Titan's Curse'?
  6. What is Nico's sword made of?
  7. How old is Nico in 'The Blood of Olympus'?
  8. Finish the quote: "With great power, comes great need to-"
  9. Who was the first to truly know Nico's godly parent?
  10. In 'The Battle of the Labyrinth', Nico is seen (through an Iris message) throwing Mythomagic cards into a fire. What colour is the fire?
  11. Why couldn't Nico take Bianca out of the Underworld to let her live again?
  12. Who is the ghost that manipulates Nico in 'The Battle of the Labyrinth'?
  13. Nico earns the title 'Ghost King' in 'The Last Olympian'.
  14. What happened when Nico attempted to resurrect Bianca at Eurytion's Ranch?
  15. Who was Nico's boyfriend in Trials of Apollo?
  16. Who does Nico face in Diocletian's Palace?
  17. Nico suggests to his dad that he should decorate the throne room with medieval monk skulls.
  18. How many pomegranate seeds does Nico have while in the Jar?
  19. Is Nico fluent in Italian?
  20. Who are the second and third people to know about Nico's sexuality? (Jason was the first. Cupid doesn't count)

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Quiz topic: Do I know Nico di Angelo?