How Much Do You Know About MSP?

MSP is an excellent way to meet friends, have fun, earn Fame, buy awesome stuff and much much more! But what is MSP? It's an world where you can have so much more fun than in the real world!

So, are you an MSP Expert? Do you have what it takes to become the top level? Do you even play? If not, play! Add sunnydays18 and take this quiz, please!

Created by: sunnydays18
  1. Where can you go to take part in games, quizzes or ask/answer questions?
  2. If you're level 5, how many friends can you have?
  3. How much do Safer Internet Day t-shirts cost?
  4. What do MSP users get if they use the mobile app?
  5. What is the highest level on the English MSP?
  6. Is it possible to get the mobile app for MSP on an Android phone?
  7. Which of these players have you heard of?
  8. How many VIP friends do you have to have to be a Celeb?
  9. Why are there moderators in MSP?
  10. What level range are you in MSP?
  11. Is it possible to get Princess Toes from the shop?
  12. How do moderators keep MSP safe?
  13. Do you have to be VIP to buy a dragon?
  14. Have you more than one account?
  15. What did you think about this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About MSP?