How much do you know about Miku? (quiz)

I don't personally know many Vocaloid fans that are as addicted as I am... I know there are many but I just cant seem to find them... see if your one by taking this quiz!

Are you a dedicated Miku fan? Or a poser fan? Lets find out and start this quiz! But first note that this quiz took me an hour and a half to make and im on a New 3ds XL so this is kinda.. difficult...

Created by: XxCutieCosmicxX

  1. What is Miku's last name? (this should be easy) .-.
  2. What is her food symbol thing (u know what im talking about. Like how the Vocaloids have their foods and objects)
  3. What year was Miku created?
  4. Can Miku sing in english?
  5. What are Miku's colors?
  6. Has Miku ever been featured in something from BuzzFeed (I know, I know. Off topic but I had to º~º)
  7. How old is Miku?
  8. Has Miku ever been freatured in anything like a commercial?
  9. Do you ship Miku and Kaito?
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz? Im sorry it was so bad! This is my first!

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Miku? (quiz)