how much do you know about me

So it seems not everyone knows about me. well i want to play a game. this game means that you have to take this quiz and if you dont score that high than you need some teaching

in the results you will find some good study material that will teach you about me. it is important to review and study them carefully and you will get my deepest secrets

Created by: Niecey

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  1. You wake up and it's 7am in the morning. You...
  2. you start doing whatever you were doing when you realize its daylight savings time and its actually 8pm!!! what do you do
  3. a magic fairy appears and interrupts whatever u were doing. she gives u a ride to school, in ur school uniform. what do u do
  4. the fairy asks for payment in return
  5. the fairy is appalled at your cheapness and curses you with a horrible spell!!! what is it
  6. so u begin your new life with your curse. u are a different person now so you set off on an adventure
  7. u grow old and think about ur past life
  8. what do u want playing at ur wedding
  9. u wake up and realize
  10. this is the last question

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about me