What skyway do you belong in? on Pirate101

Pirate101 is a very fun game, if you want to know what skyway you belong in, you should take this test. Make sure you play Pirate101 and you know every single skyway! last but not least have fun!

Do you really play Pirate101? If so, I should tell you what all of them mean: If you get Skull Island that means that you aren't very far, If you get Monquista that means that your getting there, if you get Dragonsphyere that means that you are just getting to Valencia, If you get Valencia that means your half way there, if you get Cool Ranch it means that your almost done with the game, and if you get Mooshu it means that all you have left to do is, well... Mooshu!

Created by: lucky123
  1. How do you describe yourself?
  2. Which Holiday Do You Prefer?
  3. What transportation do you usaully use?
  4. Do you like to add everybody you see, or do you just add who wants to be your friend?
  5. When do you prefer to take a shower/bath?
  6. what level are you on pirate101?
  7. How do you like fights on pirate101?
  8. When do you go to bed?
  9. Which class is the best?
  10. Do you like it when people teleport to you on pirate101?
  11. Is pirate101 a good game?
  12. Which Is Better Pirate101 or Wizard101?

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Quiz topic: What skyway do I belong in? on Pirate101