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  • Lmao, communism wasn't achieved in the Soviet Union and socialism wasn't failing in the USSR. I know lots about the Russian Revolution, yet because of that and possibly another one, I got 70%. Plus, no, the class structure wasn't perfect for Marx's communism. Communism itself is classless, and most of Russia was peasantry.

  • Lenin's real name was actually Vladimir Ileach VoyLayoff (pronounced Voy-Line-Yoff), he got the name Lenin from a river so he wouldn't be persecuted by the Czar. You should have also asked a question about Lenin's brother. Besides those two things, Awesome quiz!

  • Yes his name was origionally Ulianov, the funny thing is that i'm a decendant of the czars. Lenin was a very smart man but he killed my family and we can't erase that memory. So when the soviet union collapsed we had mixed emotions, allthough i'm still not too keen on the USA

  • Ulianov was his last name. Trust me, I'm a Russian :)

  • lenin


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