how much do you know about divergent

have you read the book divergent, if you have did you like it, did you pay attention? do you have the brains? the skill? the power? maybe and maybe not.

are you actually paying attention when you read the awesome book that is divergent? are you the master of the divergent world? the all knower? the ruler? take this quiz to find out

Created by: vienna

  1. what is the main character's name?
  2. what does Beatrice look like?
  3. whose her friend?
  4. what faction does Beatrice choose?
  5. what is her nickname?
  6. what faction was she from?
  7. which of her friends did Tris have to kill when he/she was under the war syrum?
  8. who is the evil leader of the Erudites?
  9. why does Jeanine Matthews want to kill all the divergent?
  10. what are the Erudite?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about divergent