how much do you know about deep house?

So deep house is a genre of music thats so popular its in the charts and is played at big clubs like ministry of sound and pacha..its the future and always will be

Your actually amazing i truely love you!! come&try this amazing deep house quiz just to see if you know what deep house is..because you know and i know that deep house is the future:)

Created by: sash
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  1. What dj does 'got me so' ?
  2. What dj does 'i wanna feel'
  3. What dj does 'now all i know is that we used to be real'
  4. Who does the song 'Neon'?
  5. Who does 'lets jack'
  6. Who does need you 100%
  7. Who does the song higher?
  8. Who does the song The renegade?
  9. Who does ready for your love?
  10. What dj does so high?
  11. Look right through?
  12. What dj does au serve
  13. What dj does got a feeling?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about deep house?