How much do you know about celebrities?

This a quiz about celebrities. Lets see how much you know about them. I put a lot of effort on making this quiz since its my first one. I hope you like it ;)

Well, this quiz might be a little difficult for some people and easy for others. But you should take it if you love celebrities. I hope you have fun playing it. So, lets get started!

Created by: LAL
  1. Which celebrity hacked Zayn malik's twitter account?
  2. Which celebrity lost his/her wallet over 10 times?
  3. What is the name of justin bieber's father?
  4. Niall horan has an older brother called:
  5. Selena gomez had her first kiss when she was:
  6. Which celebrity spelled swimming as S-M-I-W-W-I-N-G in a spelling bee competition?
  7. Which celebrity was named after her mother's maiden name?
  8. Which celebrity has to hear a certain sound to fall asleep?
  9. Is this the end of the quiz?
  10. One more question. What is austin mahone's favourite number?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about celebrities?