How Much Do You Know About BTS (Bangtan Boys)?

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Here is a quiz about BTS! Let's see if you are a really big fan of our Bangtan Boys, or you don't know a lot about the group. Either way, I hope you have fun playing this quiz!

This quiz was made by: HyukasPlushies. I haven't seen any other BTS quizzes on this website, so I'm making this quiz. But sorry if there are already a lot of quizzes like this here! Also, stay tuned, because I'm gonna make quizzes for other groups as well, like A.C.E, TXT, and BLACKPINK!! :D

Created by: HyukasPlushies

  1. Who is the youngest member of BTS?
  2. How many members are in BTS?
  3. Who is the leader of BTS?
  4. Which BTS member is nicknamed a mochi?
  5. Ok, all of these people are kpop idols. But only one of them is in BTS. Which one is in BTS?
  6. What does BTS stand for?
  7. BTS has an album series called 'Love Yourself'. Which album is not a real album/wasn't in the Love Yourself trilogy?
  8. 'infires man'
  9. "annyeonghasseyo jeoneun bangtan sonyeondan hwaggeum maknae ???? ???????? imnida"
  10. "i love strawberry bery bery strawberry"

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About BTS (Bangtan Boys)?