How much do you know about Bleach?

"There are many fans in the world, but not a lot of true Bleach fans. A fan is someone who devotes they're time and interest to a great show or hobby."

"Bleach is great, awsome, awe-inspiring, and very popular! I am a deticated Bleach fan, but are YOU? With this quiz, you can find out how much you know about Bleach!"

Created by: Nightwolf 09
  1. Renji is who's vice captain?
  2. Captain Hitsugaya's sword has power over what element?
  3. Youroichi can make herself look like what animal?
  4. Rangiku's sword can reduce itself to nothing but...
  5. Kiskue Urahara used to be which captain?
  6. Ichigo shares powers similar to what?
  7. Who attacked Hiyori when she ran toward Aizen?
  8. Which captain did Uruyuu fight when he entered the Soul Society?
  9. Who saved Ichigo after his fight with Byakuya in the world of the living?
  10. Who is Espada number 6?
  11. Ulquiorra's Arrancar transformation resembles a...

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Bleach?