how well do you know bleach?

bleach is the best anime and manga ever!! it has sruvived for 12 seasons! that's a lot of bleach! some filler arcs are lame, but the story is really good!! right?

so, here's a quiz on bleach trivia. i wish everyone in the world would get 100%!! that would be fantastic!! oh, and if you dont know that AIZEN IS EVIL, dont continue. because this has spoilers.

Created by: riley

  1. what are the odd number aspects of death of the espada?
  2. what shinigami later re-appears as an arrancar
  3. what seat is rukia
  4. why does kaien say to rukia that it is okay if she accidently calls him captain shiba?
  5. what shinigami doesn't wear pants?
  6. who keeps his bankai a secret?
  7. what number is said by yumichika to be the ugliest number?
  8. who uses bankai the most?
  9. whose main love interest saved their life before the storyline begins?
  10. who has a humorous tatoo of a number on theri face?
  11. why does that character have that tattoo?
  12. who are the 4 oldest captians?
  13. what captain is a pacifist only because fighting takes up too much time?
  14. what two characters are officially said to be the same age?
  15. who is the captain of the healing squad?
  16. who is the first person to die, who is not a hollow?
  17. what is the cool power of kira's shikai?
  18. what captian is shown in actual story arcs as being strong and fearless, but as a comic relief character is very subordinant?
  19. of the people exiled from soul society 100 years ago, who had not changes their hair?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know bleach?