How much do you know about Animal Crossing New Leaf

Hi, I'm Directioner42! I'm new and this is my first quiz. Animal Crossing New Leaf is a really fun game and I just wanna see how much you know about New Leaf so you should comment in the results cause I bet it's amaZAYN!

Are you a true New Leaf player? Do you have the town and experience it takes to get 100% on this quiz? Probably or maybe not? That doesn't make sense! ~Directioner42

Created by: Directioner42
  1. Who is the secretary?
  2. What is the recycling shop called?
  3. What is the final Nookling store upgrade
  4. What is the second upgrade of Tom Nook's store
  5. What word describes Tom Nook
  6. Where does Kapp'n take you?
  7. Who works at Shampoodle?
  8. Which one ISN'T a villager personality?
  9. If you go to a dream what can you bring back to your town?
  10. What happens to your town if you get the Worst rating?
  11. What rare flower grows in your town if you keep the Perfect town rating for 15 days?
  12. --NO EFFECT-- What's my town called?
  13. This is effect again. Which fruit is planted on sand?
  14. What is the pink wolf's name?
  15. On Festivale, who comes to your town?
  16. THE END!

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Animal Crossing New Leaf