The Epic Animal Crossing: New Leaf Test

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There are lots of Animal Crossing: New Leaf fans who have a lot of knowledge on the game. But, sadly, there are not very many experts of the game. What is New Leaf? A game where you play as the mayor of a town and work to improve it, and make friends along the way.

But are YOU an Animal Crossing: New Leaf expert? Do you think you are a genius of New Leaf? Well, you might think you are or you aren't. If you want your accurate answer to your question, take this test! Just make sure you try your best, and don't cheat!

Created by: XmissXepicX
  1. When was North America's release date for Animal Crossing: New Leaf?
  2. How do you tell if you have watered a flower?
  3. What do they call the "outdoor furniture" and "town decorations" in the game?
  4. What happens after you complete an "outdoor furniture" or "town decoration project?" I'm not ruining the last question... :D
  5. What animal are Reese and Cyrus, who work at the recycle store called Re-Tail?
  6. How do you meet a villager who wants to see you at your house?
  7. Can you use the Genie Lamp in New Leaf?
  8. If you go to the HHA Showcase, and have an Internet Connection before you added anyone to your Spotpass, will you find anyone there?
  9. How do you get the reward mannequin from Label?
  10. How do you get the reward mannequin from Sable?

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