The Video Game Quiz (2022)

This quiz is not to be taken ultra-seriously. It is meant for entertainment and is not meant to insult your knowledge as a **gamer**. All are welcome in this hobby! :)

This quiz will hopefully be recreated sometime when I have more free minutes to spend on it. For now though, I gotta get back to playing animal crossing new leaf on my nintendo 3ds console. Reggie out.

Created by: Alternative_Rose
  1. This game was made (in)famous by the inclusion of horse armor as paid dlc, which made lots of money for the company.
  2. This game was announced in the early 2000s but never got a release, it has been teased and even shown but has never been confirmed for a release window. In the original game The player controls the protagonist, Jade, from a third-person perspective and the game was published by Ubisoft.
  3. Which of these games is made up
  4. Which of these video game consoles has the fewest games on it
  5. Which of these games has sold the most copies?
  6. This game, regarded as a classic, is a CRPG inspired first person role-playing game by Obsidian games and has become a staple of the industry among trans folks.
  7. This game was one of the first to be given an Adults Only rating, though considered mostly harmless by today's standards
  8. Which of these Video Games is rated T for teen
  9. This game console is home to Splatterhouse 2 and 3
  10. This video game released in 2020 for 15 dollars and is now free to play (author's note: with one of the worst monitization schemes i've ever seen). It is a competitive game loosely based on Takeshi's Challenge/Castle

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