Animal Crossing New Leaf Test

Welcome to my animal crossing new leaf test! If u play animal crossing, be sure to take this test! No matter if u started three days ago or you are a master, take this test and see how much u know!

So this test will only include stuff about animal crossing new leaf. Nothing from any other animal crossing games. So there are thirty two questions. Enjoy my quiz! Acnl fans should love it!

Created by: Jack

  1. What does the first player start out as?
  2. How much bells does a net cost?
  3. How do you get the police station requested as a publics works project?
  4. What type of animal works at the retail?
  5. Who is Katrina?
  6. When do balloons spawn?
  7. How many trees do you need for a perfect town?
  8. What is the maximum amount of publics works projects you can have in your town?
  9. What is the maximum amount of bells you can hold?
  10. What is the maximum bells your bank can have?
  11. What are the sisters names who work at able sisters?
  12. How many flowers do you need for a perfect town?
  13. Who is the first player you meet?
  14. How do you tell if a flower is watered?
  15. Is acnl popular?
  16. What are ur local fruit?
  17. Who gives out ur HHA score?
  18. Which publics works project can you do after u get a perfect town?
  19. What's the reason to buy turnips?
  20. Which flowers spawn at the edge of cliffs when u have a perfect town?
  21. Which flowers spawn at the edge of cliffs when u have a perfect town?
  22. Timmy and Tom are related
  23. Reese and Cyrus are related
  24. How long does it take for a tree to grow?
  25. How many emotions are in the joke book?
  26. When does the game consider it a new day?
  27. Which is NOT a tool?
  28. How do you get the fish maniac badge?
  29. Is a porta-potty a publics works project?
  30. Is Digby related to Cyrus?
  31. Is acnl awesome?

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