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  • 2. True or False: The waving snail is the cameo that appears in every episode.

    (The Snail dose not appear in Trouble in Luppy Space. Thus this makes this question wrong.)

    7. Who is currently the oldest character in the show?

    (Really, it should be Hunson Abadeer, Because I'm pretty sure he's older. And I'm also thinking that the Ice King should even be older because he was around before the Mushroom Wars took place. Just because they say that she is 1,000 years old dose not mean that she is the oldest... Though she is the only one that they have given an age to that is up there at this time... So I shell not fault you)

  • Wow, nine stars already. And i just made this quiz like 20 minutes ago.

  • i tried my best and got 80% so yeah

  • 100% and i didnt check the wikia!

  • 40%
    What time is it!!!!!


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