How much do you hate sheep

Do you hate sheep or do you love the menace to al nature this quiz is sure to tell you so take t either way sheep haters and sheep lovers hope you love love love it heheh

Are you one of those guys who must kill sheep or are you one who call them God also regardless of your score rate ten stars or I might not make another quiz

Created by: Slayerbrine
  1. If you saw a sheep what would you do
  2. Do you love sheep
  3. What woild you do if sheep ate all the grass in the world
  4. Do you touture sheep
  5. Do you touture sheep
  6. If you chould make sheep public enemy #1 would you do it
  7. If you found out that I,slayerbrine is telling the truth and sheep do wanna take over the world what would you do
  8. Would you kill all sheep for the good of humanity
  9. Are you a sheep boss (worse than a mob boss)
  10. Did you love my quiz

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Quiz topic: How much do I hate sheep