Are you a die-hard Nerdy Sheep?

There are tons of sheep in the world. Vampire sheep, fairy sheep, baseball allstar sheep..but only a select few are chosen as quality nerdy sheep. They trump all others by far.

So..are YOU a nerdy sheep? Do YOU have the game to take on the challenge? Will you conquer this quiz and be the very best nerdy sheep you can be? In a matter of minutes, the truth will be revealed....

Created by: Epicfailure :)
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you like doing for fun?
  2. Every rightful sheep has a favorite color. What's yours?
  3. What's the password to the Gates of Candy Island?
  4. If you answered 'hang on' to the last question, what is your final answer?
  5. Favorite smiley?
  6. If I said 'tacos ftw' what would you think I said?
  7. Hey! Sheep vs Link! ( know?) who steals the competition?
  8. Finish the quote: "One man's trash is another's man's.."
  10. Last but not least...what is a nerdy sheep?

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Quiz topic: Am I a die-hard Nerdy Sheep?