How much do u think u know about south park?

there are very few people who can call them selves south park fans. AFter all south park is by far the greatest show on comedy central. It takes a true south park fan to know these questoins only the few will get these all right

Do u have what it takes to complete this quizz. Do u have the brain power to asnwer all these questions right. In just a few minutes we will see how much u know about South park

Created by: john milucky

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  1. In the episode "Good times with weapons" who gets a nija start in there eye?
  2. what CD does cartman play to get rid of the hippes
  3. who kills the heart of wal mart?
  4. who commands the army of heaven against the army of the devil
  5. who tries to kill kathy lee gifford
  6. what is cartmans catholic band called
  7. how much money was stan and kenny trying to get back from Mel Gibson
  8. what is butters evil name
  9. does cartman stop the faimly guy episode from airing
  10. who kills the character that is killing everyone in the World of warcraft

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