How much do u no the NBA

You think you know the NBA better than most? well if the answer is yes then take this quiz. its nice and challenging ... medium to long length and great for NBA fans so take this and see if you are an NBA genius.

Are you a genius when it comes to the National Basketball Association (NBA) ... well if you think you are prove it by taking this quiz and putting it on your myspace. So NBA fans see how much you 'love this game'

Created by: Lucas

  1. Who are the NBA champions of 2006-07, and who did those champions defeat
  2. Who was the only player to get 2 steals and 2 blocks in the history of the NBA and wasnt a center? He did this in the 05-06 season.
  3. In 06-07 who won the DPOY (defensive player of the year) award?
  4. Who in the 2004-05 season was the league leader in points per game?
  5. Who was the best Free Throw shooting center in the NBA last season percentage wise out of these guys
  6. Who was the captain of the 06-07 Memphis Grizzlies?
  7. Which of these players had a rebounding average of over 12 per game in the 05-06 season
  8. Which guard in the 04 - 05 season had more rebounds per game?
  9. In the 06-07 playoffs who led the league in scoring per game out of these players?
  10. Which two team mates were the first since Jordan and Pippen of Chicago to both record a triple double in one game?
  11. Who led the league in steals per game this season?
  12. In the NBA finals Game 3 what did the starting lineup of the Spurs look like
  13. Who was the Most Improved Player of the 06-07 season?
  14. Who won the MVP of 06-07?
  15. Who was the sixth man of the year
  16. The Coach of the Year
  17. The Rookie of the Year
  18. Who has won the MVP the most times in the history of the game?
  19. Who has won more championships
  20. Who has more DPOY award (defensive player of yr)
  21. Does Toni Kukoc have a Sixth Man of the Year trophy?
  22. Who won MVP in the 1997-98 season
  23. Who won both the MVP and Finals MVP in the 2002-03 season?
  24. Who was on top of the 1999-2000 standings and with how many wins?
  25. Did Alonzo Mourning ever average 20 or more points per game
  26. Did Charles Outlaw ever come in the top 20 in FG%?
  27. Who had the most double doubles out of these players
  28. Did Reggie Evans ever get a 20 board game this season? if he had more than one how many points did he score in the final 1
  29. Who are the starting forwards for the Cleveland Cavaliers
  30. Who does Stephon JAckson play for
  31. Who is the head coach of the Sacramento Kings
  32. What was the starting lineups of the EAST AND WEST by initials

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