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Created by: Romario of Joety
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  1. Marco Polo was
  2. Three portuguese explorers were
  3. The portuguese did well at exploration because of the dedication of
  4. The countries of the Iberian Peninsula were
  5. To which age did the Kalinagos belong
  6. The two kingdoms which were united to become Spain were
  7. In the 15th century, seamen did not venture far from land because they feared all the following EXCEPT
  8. Porugal was best able to explore the African route because
  9. The tainos were engaged in all the following EXCEPT
  10. The Tainos were accustomed to all the following EXCEPT
  11. Kalinagos were transported on their seafaring expeditions by
  12. Which of the following built temples on flat-topped pyramids
  13. Why were Europeans interested in getting to India and China in the 15th century?
  14. The Kalinagos lived on the following islands

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