how much do u kno bout sports?

There are lots of Sports. Soccer,Football,and lots more.There are a lot of people who kno bout Sports.But there are only some true sports geniuses.Sports geniuses are people who kno all there is to kno bout sports.

Are YOU a Sports Genious?Do you kno mostly everything bout sports?If you are,then prove it in this quiz.It will only take a minute or two.If you dont kno if you are,then take this quiz and in a few minutes you will find out.

Created by: Luke
  1. Who won the Heisman Trophy in 1989?
  2. How many times has DC United won the MLS Cup?
  3. How many years are between each World Cup?
  4. Who won Super Bowl VI (6) in 1972?
  5. Who was the MVP of that Super Bowl?
  6. Who has the most NCAA (Men's)Basketball Tournament Championships?
  7. How many does that team have?
  8. Who won the 1949 World Series?
  9. Who won the 1998 BCS National Championship?
  10. Who played in the 1983 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Championship?
  11. Who was named the Tournament's Most Outstanding Player that year?

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