How much cyber safe are you?

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Hello person. May I have your attention please? Oh yeah so, you are in my quiz right now. It means you are an active internet user. Well, if it is true, then you might know that nowadays cyber crime is high. Not all people are safe.

Are you safe? Could you manage to get into no trouble in the cyber space? Take this small, little test to know the answers. Best of luck. I hope you are cyber safe.

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. Someone in a social media sends you a friend request, but you don't know that person, would you accept their request?
  2. You and your best friend got in a fight. Would you post about in Facebook, Twitter, etc.?
  3. Have you ever revealed your private information in the Internet -- like email address, home address, phone number or etc.?
  4. Have you ever revealed someone else's private information?
  5. Are you a cyber-bully?
  6. In a website, or any other social platforms like forums, blogs, etc., do follow it's T&Cs and rules and regulations?
  7. Do you talk about politics, terrorism, in a negative manner?
  8. Have you ever done so we thing illegal in the internet?
  9. Do you respect your privacy and of others online?
  10. Finally, do you think you are safe?

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Quiz topic: How much cyber safe am I?