How much do you now about descendants

How much you want this and know about the new movie and this is the movie of the year u were great don't give up in life no matter what girl or boy

I'm a awesome smart intelligence person and love descendants and the Internet and be careful because I might hack your email address computer or phone

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  1. What is mal mother name
  2. What is cinderlla son's name
  3. Who is evil queen daughter
  4. What song did mal sing to Ben on there first date
  5. Did mal give the love cookie
  6. Whats cruella de vil sons name
  7. What is Carlos pet name
  8. One day u were sitting in the library reading u looked at the time u stood up but bumped into someone u nd that someone looked eyes who do you think it is
  9. U say sorry u where on top of that person u blushed but then stood up u run to yr dorm but u can't stop thinking about what just happened
  10. What song did Ben sing to mal at the tourney game

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