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Do you think you're as cyber aware as you should be? Well we would like to put that to the test! After watching our tutorials on various security sections,you should be able to pass this quiz with flying colors!

This quiz is based on the training videos that we have provided on our site. We believe after watching these, you should have a good knowledge of cyber security.

Created by: SafeHouse

  1. Which type of attack takes advantage of employees by gaining trust to gain access to private information?
  2. Why are worms different to other types of malware?
  3. Which of these is not recommended when dealing with passwords?
  4. A worm is a type of malware made to look like a legitimate software
  5. What was the increase of recent phishing attacks used to gain sensitive information?
  6. What can pretexting accomplish?
  7. A botnet is a single computer / program used to attack victims
  8. Which of these isn't a result of malware infecting a computer?
  9. Which of these types of malware results in a denial of service attack
  10. Password security is highly important. What percentage of data breaches are a result of weak passwords
  11. What social engineering attack is commonly carried out by phone calls or emails.
  12. Emails from unknown accounts with attachments / links to prizes can be trusted
  13. If you receive an email with an unknown attachment what should you do?
  14. An attack that is named after a tactic constructed by the Greek army is known as?
  15. When in work, it is recommended to use personal devices to access work accounts

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