How Much Awesomesauce Do You Got??

Soooo. Ever wondered how much awesomesauce you have? Ever wanted more? Ever eaten a rotten egg? Ever gone skydiving? If you answered yes, to any of these, this is NOT the quiz for you! But take it anyway! It'll be fun! :D

Uhhhhhhh. Tired. K, lets get this over withhh. Are you awesomesaucyyy? Dont know? Dont care? Dont understand? No worries! This quiz'll straighten everything out fer yaaa! :D

Created by: Shaysterrr

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  1. Where do youu buy all ur clothes frommm?
  2. What color be yo hairr??
  3. Look down! At your feet! What's on demm?
  4. Ehrm, errr I dunnoooo! :(
  5. Oh I got oneeee! Wait! I lost ittt! :(
  6. Ahhhh! I founn it! What is urr favorite ice cweamm?
  7. The early worm gets the worm.
  8. Uhhh, y do we have to have soo many questionsss??
  9. Cool, only twoooo moreee :D
  10. Last questionnnn! How old do youu think I amm?

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Quiz topic: How Much Awesomesauce do I Got??