Are you a Right Brainer or Left Brainer?

Do YOU think that you are Right-Brained or Left-Brained, but don't know which? Take this very quiz and you'll find out! If you are Right-Brained or Left-Brained will be in the results of this quiz! ;)

Thank you SOOOOO much for seeing this quiz, and if you're gonna take it, AWESOMESAUCE! I'd love to see more and more Quiz-Takers for this quiz, AND remember to rate it five star (5*) if you liked it!!

Created by: Akshara

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  1. Are you messy or organized most of the time? Please be honest!
  2. Do you like things your own way?
  3. Do you like to pick a choice by gut instinct and feelings, or by what is right and wrong?
  4. Are you creative?
  5. (Silly question) Pizza, pasta, fries, or something else?
  6. How do you handle pain?
  7. Cats or dogs? Cat=:3 Dog=:P
  8. Are you a serious person or funny person?
  9. Do you like colors and paint, or neatness and organization?
  10. Sassy, nice, or both?
  11. In general, do you like Black or White?
  12. Day or Night?
  13. Moon, Stars, or Sun?
  14. Right hand or left hand?
  15. Dusk or dawn?
  16. Music lover?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Right Brainer or Left Brainer?