How much are you obsessed with mangas and animes?

Ah.. Mangas and animes.... Awesome pictures and stories... What IS mangas and anime?? You should know, but to people who don't, manga is a Japanese word for comicbook and anime is cartoons or animations.

So... Are you otaku for manga/anime? Or have completly no idea what they are? Or not that much interested? You should know by yourself, but for people who don't, you are lucky because this quiz will tell you how much you are obsessed with mangas/anime!!!

Created by: Eujay
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is manga??
  2. So.... how much do you read/watch manga/anime?
  3. How many mangas/animes/ did you read/watch?
  4. Ever chat about manga/anime with people,online,etc...
  5. Reconize any of the titles? Naruto,OnePiece,Bleach,Reborn!,FruitsBasket,GakuenAlice,DeathNote,VampireKnight,FullMetalAlchemist
  6. If you reconize the names, how many of those did you read?
  7. Read anything from Shonen Jump?
  8. So... the quiz is going to its end.. U waiting for a chapter of a manga/anime??
  9. Last question. You like BL?
  10. okay i was joking 'bout that Real last question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

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Quiz topic: How much am I obsessed with mangas and animes?